January 25, 2013

Rachel’s new book, Celebrating Solitude, is now available from Amazon.

Click here to order.

Click here to order.

Solitude is not a retreat from the world, but rather a way to recharge our energies—our Holy Selves—for the world.

Many of us have so many obligations that we spread ourselves too thin, inviting a tremendous amount of stress into our lives. Although we may fantasize about a few moments of peace for ourselves, the reality seems impractical, pointless, or even selfish. According to personal coach and clinical hypnotherapist Rachel Astarte Piccione, nothing can be further from the truth.

When we take even a few minutes a day to discover and honor our true selves, we develop an endless resource for giving to all around us. It’s when we don’t take time to regroup that we end up burned out and still trying to give when there’s nothing left.

Part how-to, part memoir, Piccione’s guide to developing a regular Solitude Practice helps readers understand why alone time is essential. It leads the way toward carving out time for ourselves, and offers suggestions for what to do during our practice that will help us develop the highest self we can be.

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